Waif Mullins

Original  Paintings and Fine Art Prints

About Me

My Background

I began my "career" in art by staying up to watch the late shows with my mother and drawing on a chalk board, before I was old enough to go to school. I began saying I would be an artist by age six and was painting in oils by age ten. I continued to study, eventually getting a Master's Degree in Painting.

I have entered many regional and national juried shows; winning many awards including several "Best of Shows". In the process I have earned Signature  Status with the Pastel Society of America  and Distinguished Pastellist Status with The Pastel Society of the West Coast.

My Mediums

I am best known for my work in pastel and oils However, I have done extensive work in print making, including Serigraphy (silk screen), Linoleum block and Monotype. I have also done a number of sculptures.

My Inspiration

People most often mention the sense of light when commenting on my art work. I search for a dramatic presentation in my paintings, through the use of color, value, and lighting to lead the viewer through the painting and focus attention on the main subject. Relationships of scale is often used to add depth and an enhanced sense of reality.